Tuesday, 29 December 2015

50 Random Facts Tag

1. My middle name is Louise
2. I am about 5ft 5inches tall
3. I used to compete at majorettes (baton twirling) for England
4. I get worryingly obsessed with TV programmes
5. My favourite shows are Pretty Little Liars, 24 Hours in A&E and CSI
6. My favourite films are Titanic, Love Actually and The Grinch
7. I am THE biggest Christmas fan ever, it's my favourite time of year by far
8. I absolutely love tea and coffee
9. My favourite musical is Les Miserables
10. I have never broken a bone (touch wood!)
11. I would love to be a tidy person, but I am actually very messy
12. I hate donuts
13. For the first 11 years of my life I sported the most wonky, unflattering full fringe
14. I have a weird crush on Russell Crowe
15. I have a phobia of lifts
16. I am a fainter, if there is someone who is going to faint, it's probably going to be me..
17. I have two tattoos
18. One of my tattoos says 'to the stars' on my ribs, which is a Titanic reference for all you fellow lovers out there!
19. When I was about 13 I fainted in my clarinet lesson and knocked myself out by falling and head butting a piano. (told you)
20. I have a bichon frise/shi tzu cross dog called Fred
21. I eat tomato ketchup with literally EVERYTHING
22. My family own an apartment by the beach in La Manga, which is a strip of land off the east coast of Spain
23. Postman Pat was my fav TV show as a kid
24. I am the eldest child in my family, I have a younger brother and a younger sister
25. I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder, which is pretty much under control now :)
26. I bruise very very easily
27. Me and my childhood best friend used to ride around on our scooters and pretend we were going to America
28. When I was about 3 I broke my dad's car by putting money in the CD drive, because I thought I could get sweets from it like on Inspector Gadget
29. My dream one day is to design and build my own house and everything in it
30. My absolute favourite game in the world is The Sims, I can play for HOURS
31. The house I was born in is about a 30 second walk from the house my best friend has lived in her whole life, so we have actually always been very very close even before I met her
32. My first ever job was a Christmas temp at Argos
33. I cannot eat anything savoury that has fruit in it, like pears in salad or pineapple on pizza
34. When I first watched The Vampire Diaries, I was convinced vampires were real
35. Was I was younger I was very poorly with hypoglycaemia
36. I have such vivid dreams most nights and can almost always remember them in the morning
37. I cry at TV shows or films ALL THE TIME
38. I often live in PJ bottoms if I am not leaving my house
39. I passed my driving test first time
40. Talking about how big the universe is freaks me out so much
41. I could live off a diet of wagamama
42. I want to start YouTube one day but I am too scared right now
43. My biggest pet peeve is hearing people eat/chew
44. I am so interested in reading/watching shows on serial killers.. not weird I promise
45. My star sign is gemini
46. I am petrified of dying
47. I am currently studying to be a primary school teacher
48. Pigs are my favourite animals
49. I really hope one day I teach myself how to play the piano really well
50. I wish that I was a morning person but I am really not, I stay up until about 3 or 4am most nights though

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better, let me know any random facts about you in the comments :)


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  1. You are the first person I know Who doesn't like donuts. Number 19 got me laughing! Xx